Frequently Asked Questions

I own a business and want to have a profile page. Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a fee to own any kind of company profile page. Please visit the advertising page for more details.

Am I able to have more than 1 business profile page?

Yes, it is possible that you can advertise more than one company if it is available in your market. More information can be found on the advertising page.

Can I Promote my business in my profile on Real Estate Industry Social?

No, the only way to promote any business is that you need to visit the advertising page for more information. Any profile pages that promote business without following the rules will be deleted.

Can I advertise my business in more than one market?

Yes, you can advertise your business in any of the markets listed, as long as it’s available and your business is based in the location you’re asking for.

Are there any businesses not allowed to have a profile on Real Estate Industry Social?

Yes, all businesses must be approved by the mall’s community moderator and must fall under the specified category. Examples of prohibited businesses could be adult themed and political. Please visit the Terms of Service and Advertising pages for more information.

Is there a minimum commitment for a business to advertise on Real Estate Industry Social?

Yes, we currently are asking for a 6, 9, or 12-month commitment.

Are there any rules or standards for using Real Estate Industry Social?

Yes, please refer to the terms of service page for more information on that.

Do I as a consumer have to register to be a part of Real Estate Industry Social?

No, you can still see the company’s profile page, but if you try to comment on posts or communicate within the network, etc., you will be automatically redirected to the registration page. You must register to have your profile, private message and comment on business profiles.

Can I use my consumer profile the same way as I would other social networks like Facebook?

There are similar functions like blogging, private messaging, position on your timelines, etc. However, this site is intended with a different purpose, to be a real estate professional site, not a regular social network.

One of my locations is outside of my local Shopping Mall Social.  Do I need to register with a second Shopping Mall Social group?

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